Cybersecurity experts are already getting reports of hackers targeting people who are working from home amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Michael Oglesby with True Digital Security said hackers are using a new tactic by offering a software link with help while you work from home.

“Do not click on that link,” Oglesby said.

Oglesby said they’ve already had a client who go ransomware installed through a COVID-19 scam.

“We had to go to their house and help them recover their data,” Oglesby said.

He said they've seen a huge increase in phishing hackers preying on the mass confusion, right now.

People won't know they’ve been hacked until files are being held hostage for money.

Oglesby said people need to be extra vigilant right now.

"Make sure you're checking any emails you get that they are legitimate. Don't follow any suspicious looking links or emails right now,” Oglesby said.

He also said make sure to watch where you are getting your Wi-Fi.

It’s important not to check sensitive information like medical records or banking info at Starbucks or other similar locations.

If you think you clicked on the wrong link, change your password immediately.

It’s important to make sure not to print any sensitive information on public printers.

"A lot of the fancier or more fancy printers, you can actually go back in history and reprint documents. If you print something sensitive at FedEx or Kinkos, may be able to go back later and reprint that document even after you left the store,” Oglesby said.

Oglesby said using your cellphone may be more secure than using your laptop, just make sure not to download any new suspicious applications. It may be malware.