OKLAHOMA CITY - One KWTV employee is in quarantine after a group trip to Ireland that was unexpectedly cut short. 
Pam Friesen's group left for Ireland just days before the Thunder game on March 11 that marked the turning point in Oklahoma City. 
Friesen said unfortunately when they arrived overseas their activities started getting canceled. 
One night they got a message from their tour guide telling them to come back to the hotel immediately. The group was told they needed to get back to the US and had to cancel the final days of their trip. 
"They got us back to Dublin on Sunday," described Friesen. "All of the restaurants were closed, everything was closing down. The hotel fed us in their bar area on Sunday night, and the next morning when we were leaving for the airport they were turning people away."
The KWTV employee said the airport was "insane" and filled with long lines. 
Friesen said she was surprised at how little they had to do to get through customs. 
 "That was what was crazy," said Friesen. "We went through the airport security, through customs nobody checked our temperature. We signed a paper that said we felt fine, and that's all we had to do."
Friesen and her group came back to a much different Oklahoma. OKC was already in a state of emergency.
"All the grocery store shelves were empty, and it was just a crazy scene to come back to," said Friesen. 
She said her daughter has been helping her in quarantine, but no one from her group is having any symptoms.