I don't consider myself to be Pollyannaish, in fact, because I've been around here 30 years and have heard so many wild claims come and go, I'm considered one of the cynical voices in the newsroom.

But I choose to be hopeful tonight.

Not bury my head in the sand hopeful, but optimistic based on my understanding of the United States' history of rising to mind blowing challenges.

And this time it's not just the greatest American minds working on a problem like going to the moon and back, but the most amazing brains around the world focused on slowing and killing a virus.  

In fact, researchers in France may have put the first dent in the coronavirus with the combination of an anti-malaria medication and an antibiotic. 

New York will start trying them on COVID-19 patients Tuesday.

Not a vaccine, but a treatment that appears to greatly reduce the severity and longevity of the virus, has in most of the patients it's been tried on.

This is medicine that has been around for decades.

I'm not a scientist but I do study history, and history tells me that is just the first of the many breakthroughs we're about to see.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's my 2 Cents.