MOORE, Oklahoma - A Moore couple, in their 80’s, is heartbroken Monday after a thief stole thousands of dollars in property from their home.

Gene and Mary Greenroyd were isolating themselves from the coronavirus (COVID-19), and told News 9’s Bonnie Campo they worked their whole lives for some of those items.

“Friday morning when they were here, they got the lawnmower out of that building right there,” said Gene. “Saturday morning when they came back they got all the stuff out of that building right here.”

Gene works at the 19th street Walmart.

He recently took off two weeks, scared for his health, not thinking he should be fearful of what was happening in his own backyard.

An air compressor, power washer, edger, power cords were all stolen.

The victims estimate the damage to be around $5,000.

The crime was caught on surveillance footage from a neighbor’s house.





They don’t know if they will ever get their property back, and already have enough to worry about.

“I work at the supercenter,” said Gene. “He has had a low immune system…so, we thought it best for his health,” Mary added.  

They want the thief caught, and said they’re faithful God has a plan.

“If he hadn’t been off, I would have been here in the house by myself, which that’s scary for me,” said Mary.

Police confirmed they are working the case, but no arrests have been made.