Governor Kevin Stitt says his office is working to get a count on personal protective equipment (PPE), for healthcare providers at Oklahoma hospitals.
The Governor is emphasizing more personal protective equipment is on the way. Right now they have nine days worth of gear remaining.
The state is also setting up a process to let hospitals know when they are running low on PPE. They'll judge each hospital's needs based on their amount of ICU's and positive patients that they have. 

The state is using a three-tiered, color-coded system, with the lowest level being green, and those with the highest level being red. 
"Those hospitals, we want to keep them on green. So that means if a hospital fall into the yellow range we will be notified," said Dr. Kayse Shrum, Secretary of Science and Innovation.
The level system database looks like a map of the state, highlighting the hospitals with positive cases of COVID-19.