As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread through the state many Oklahomans are losing their jobs.

A spokesperson for the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) reports over the past two weeks there have been more than 3,400 unemployment claims filed with the state. The record number of claims filed in one week in the state is 9,000 and is expected to be broken this week.

“They sent me a text that they’re closing due to the coronavirus (COVID-19),” said Jordan Ramon, who just lost his job.

Ramon is in the same boat with a lot of other Oklahomans trying to navigate uncharted waters and figure out what is next.

“I have no source of income and I am a single father,” said Ramon.

Ramon came to the OESC building to file unemployment, but was turned away at the doors since they are only doing filings online or by phone to try and stop the spread of COVID-19.

“I want to say that people really need to put as much information in online as they can,” said Robin Roberson, the Executive Director for OESC. “Most people don’t know that we are fully funded by the federal government and have access to other grants that can help people.

To file for unemployment benefits online, click here.