Oklahoma missionaries are trying to get back home.

25 students and sponsors from Destiny Christian School traveled to Peru and were hit with a travel ban earlier in the week.

The group flew to Lima before spring break on a mission trip, but now it's their mission to get back home.

“We have been planning this mission trip since the beginning of the school year,” said Pat Watkins, an Administrator for Destiny Christian School.

The missionaries have spent their time speaking to schools and churches. On Sunday, they tried to proactively change their travel plans to come home sooner than expected, but ran into trouble.

“We did that, made a change to our flight plans, and then Sunday night, the president of Peru actually spoke here and instituted the travel ban and asked people to stay in their homes,” Watkins said.

On Monday, their new flight was canceled, but they were able to switch back to their original plan.

They hoped to take-off tomorrow morning at 6:30. They continue to pray, and Thursday saw a glimmer of hope.

“They did tell me that a flight did leave Lima today, so that is a promising sign. Flights thru yesterday were canceled,”said Watkins.

The group said it has had support from the U.S. Embassy, Governor Kevin Stitt, and U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe.

“This is an unprecedented event all over the globe. We are just working through those details,” said Watkins.

But even when they do return, the missionaries will be left with a humble and eye-opening experience. They said it's a simple reminder of grace in the middle of a global pandemic.

“Some places where kids don’t even have running water, electricity or anything. It’s been life changing for the kids and the adults,” said Watkins. "Kids learning to serve others, and about other cultures is really important.”

The school said they have worked every step of the way to keep parents informed about what's going on.

To help support this group, visit their GoFundMe page.