The elderly are the most at risk during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Still many are putting themselves at risk just to buy something as simple as groceries or run errands.

Many local churches are working to put a stop to that and said you should too.

First United Methodist Church in Edmond may have canceled mass for some time, but there is still work being done behind the scenes.

Pastor Trey Witzel is reaching out to elderly members and checking in during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“A lot of them have a lot of spunk and courage so they are getting out and shopping but what we are trying to reinforce is please stay home,” said Witzel. “We will bring medicine, groceries, we'll bring it to you.”

Dozens of church members like Kyla Rechlin and family are pitching in to help. Kyla and her daughter Lilly both tested positive for the swine flu years ago. The whole family is taking COVID-19 very seriously.

“It's like nothing we've ever been involved with before,” said Kyla. “That (swine flu) wasn’t even as bad as this.”

The Rechlin family spent their Thursday morning at Uptown Grocery getting everything from chicken, hot dog buns, even hot chocolate. Whatever for those who are having to practice social distancing the most.

“I would rather my mom and my grandmother not have to go out and get anything,” said Kyla. “If they could just have their grocers dropped off or if someone could shop for them and they could stay safe, that would be great.”

This trip was for Phyllis Ward and her husband, Victor. Phyllis recently underwent back surgery. The trip, meant the world.

“I have a compromised system anyway and then this on top of it, plus I’m old too,” said Phyllis. “It just puts me in all the categories that where you need to be so careful. It frightens me because you would not know. It is something invisible.”

With everything going on in the world let this serve as a reminder check in on your neighbor and elderly family members.

“There are cracks in society that this pandemic is really just exposing,” said Witzel. “We can only get through this if we are taking care of not just ourselves but everyone else.”

First United Methodist will help anyone in the Edmond surrounding areas. Call the church at (405) 341-0107 or sign up online.

Contact your local church or city for any services it may be offering to the public.