Oklahoma City police are investigating a serial burglar who was also accused of sexually assaulting a woman during one of the burglaries.

Officials said he is not stealing anything but instead the victims are waking up to the stranger standing in their bedroom, staring at them. Investigators want to get him off the streets before he strikes again.

“We’ve had five cases going back to late November of last year,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “The latest case was just this week.”

Knight said the man was breaking into homes near Hefner and Western through unlocked doors or windows. This week he was inside Shinkell Turner’s apartment.

“I get woke up to somebody sitting in my room,” said Shinkell Turner, burglary victim. “Staring at me and my child while we were asleep.”

Her father came face-to-face with the suspect before he bolted down the stairs and out a back door.

“It was kind of like I was in shock, I was like am I seeing what I’m seeing?” said John Powell, burglary victim.

The suspect was caught on security camera running through the apartment complex after the burglary. Turner thinks he lives near her and worries for other women and children in the area.

“It’s scary because you never know who’s around,” said Turner. “You don’t know who watches you.” Police urged residents to take extra precautions and keep their doors and windows locked at all times.

“Be vigilant,” said Knight. “If you see something that looks out of the ordinary, err on the side of caution. Call 911, that’s what we’re here for.”

The suspect was described as a tall, thin, black male in his 20s with short hair and is always dressed in dark clothes.