Several gyms have been forced to close their doors throughout the metro due to coronavirus (COVID-19). This not only affects their employees but also those who have to find alternative routes to stay active and healthy. With several cities closing their gyms to reduce the spread of coronavirus, it's left many workout facilities wondering what the next steps are.

"It does put a burden on us as trainers because we have put so much into these people and they're going to have to kind of figure out on their own in a sense," said Jonathan Vanober, Owner of House of Power.

Jonathan and his brother own a gym in Moore and though they have not been forced to shut down yet they're preparing for it. They're going to allow members to check-out some equipment like dumbbells or medicine balls to use at home. ?

"In general, when you're at home and you don't have a set schedule it's super important to go ahead and set yourself even if you're quarantined at home," said Vanober. "Like I'm going to wake up at this time, I'm going to workout at this time, I'm going to eat at this time."

With the coronavirus impacting so many, some gyms have decided to stream their classes online. One gym owner we talked to said he's making his free to anyone. ?

"To keep themselves moving, keep their immune system up, keep their stress level down, their anxiety until their favorite place opens up again," said Travis Garza.

Garza said with gyms being shut down and not knowing when they'll open back up, it will hurt any of their businesses.

"It's going to affect a lot of businesses and they rely on membership and people rely on going to have a place to release and actually just socialize," said Garza.

Garza said they will continue to charge their members during this time. Those at House of Power said members who can't afford to pay will not be charged. ?