Oklahoma County clerk's and court clerk's offices are continuing their daily operations with a few tweaks.

It's the busiest county courthouse in the state—and according to officials, for the most, continues to operate at full steam.

“We are like a large cruise ship. We hit the brakes it’ll take five miles to stop it,” said Oklahoma County Court Clerk Rick Warren.

“There’s no way the county can stop doing business period,” said Oklahoma County Clerk David B. Hooten.

While COVID-19 crippled businesses across the country in a matter of days Hooten and Warren say the courthouse wheels continue to turn.

“We can’t shut down. “If we do people don’t get to close on homes, banks can’t give loans, the county doesn’t get paid,” said Hooten. 

“We are the busiest court clerk’s office in the state. We deal with millions of documents, criminal civil filings,” said Warren.

Surfaces are getting wiped down, employees are gloving up, and hand sanitizer is now doled out. 

Warren said while their doors remain open, they are discouraging unnecessary visits.

“If you don’t have to be here, you do not need to come down. Let’s stay home protect ourselves,” said Warren.

Helping the public to stay home is an e-filing system allowing the public to pay online. Within the next week court clerk customers will also be able to pay fines and fees over the phone.

Hooten said fortunately for his office they've kept up with modern technology something they're now leaning into.

“It just shows how important it is to embrace technology especially during these times. We have planned for this there is no panic in our part were ready to go,” said Hooten.          

Both offices have also identified high risk employees who have been sent home with pay.