At the stroke of midnight all bars, gyms, and casinos in Oklahoma City will shut down. Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt made the announcement Tuesday afternoon in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Changes and restrictions are being made day to day if not hourly.

Officials said they'll continue to make adjustments at the advice of the CDC and local health departments.

Just about everywhere you tun in the metro normally bustling businesses have been transformed into ghost towns.

“This is the most serious pandemic our community has faced in the last half century,” said Holt.

Many restaurants, bars, and shopping centers have closed their doors.

The issue of COVID-19 and how it impacts our Oklahoma City metro has been as fast moving as the virus itself,” said Holt.

“This is going to cause upheaval for hard working Oklahomans who depend on these paychecks,” said Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

While many businesses had already voluntarily closed for business, the remaining ones still open were ordered Tuesday to follow suit.

“It is heartbreaking to make these announcements. I’m well aware how it will impact our city and its residents,” said Holt.

Restaurants are now limited to takeout and delivery service.

Many grocery stores are now reserving the first hour of business for the elderly, 65 or older.

“If you’re healthy please wait until later in the day to buy your groceries this will allow the vulnerable to shop right after the doors open after they are deeply cleaned,” said Stitt.

Heath officials said the only way to successfully combat the spread of COVID-19 is for everyone to practice good hygiene and social distancing.

“Please note that your actions can mean the difference between life and death for your loved ones, your neighbors and citizens of our community,” said Dr. Patrick McGoff. 

The mayor said he had communicated with the president and was reassured that the supply chains for goods and groceries had not been interrupted, emphasizing there was no need to stockpile any items.