Norman is among the cities in our state taking action to protect our health. Its bars will close Wednesday after St Patrick's Day celebrations.

"For most of us that work here this is our only source of income and this is all we do so for us not to be open for at least two weeks, we don't know what we're going to do," said Preziosita Crawford, bartender at Logies on the Corner.

Norman Mayor Breea Clark issued an emergency response to the COVID-19 outbreak. She said people will no longer be able to sit down inside restaurants or bars starting at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

"It's going to affect everybody's business, whether it's my business, people come down here and eat," said Jeff Stewart, Manager of O'Connell's Irish Pub. "They wander around Campus Corner, any of these restaurants it's going to affect all of us."

The mayor also restricted community gatherings of more than 50 people, which forced O'Connell's St. Patrick's Day celebration to have to rotate their guests coming in and out. Stewart, the manager, like many others plans to use a take-out system where customers can still pick up their food. Other places, like the Mont decided they're just going to completely close their doors.

"Stopping the To-Go services as well is the best for the community, our staff, and everyone. We don't want to put anyone at unneeded risk," said Patrick Colleen, General Manager of the Mont Restaurant.

Colleen plans to provide voluntary cleaning in house so those workers can still make money during this time. He also plans to leave his staff with the remainder of their food, so it doesn't go to waste.