OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Public Schools will hold an emergency school board meeting to decide what is next for the district amid COVID-19, coronavirus concerns. 

The board will discuss and possibly take action regarding the temporary stop to classes, any changes to work schedules and leave for district employees. They will also discuss anything else that would be necessary because of COVID-19.  

Supt. Dr. Sean McDaniel put out a statement Monday, March 16 which said he didn't expect they will be required to make up missed days. It also said schools have been instructed to not provide online, home based learning.

The supt. said the district is still developing a list of resources so students can virtually continue to practice reading and math while out of class.

"We know this uncertainty can cause anxiety and worry, but please rest assured that OKCPS is doing everything possible to ensure the needs of students and employees will be met during this challenging time," wrote Supt. McDaniel

The meeting is set for Tuesday at 10 a.m.