An Oklahoma City couple is stranded in South American after their cruise boat was denied to make port due to fears over the coronavirus.

For Frank and Cindy Crawford everything was going smoothly until these past couple of days, when they were supposed to get off their boat and dock in San Antonio Chile. Now they're essentially in limbo, and Chile is saying they're closing up their ports and not letting them in.

Fortunately they say no one ON their cruise boat seems to be sick and they're allowed to roam the boat freely. They've also been given access to streaming services and news channels back in the United States. 

The Crawfords have been in constant communication with family and friends- keeping them updated on where they are, and how they are feeling. 

The biggest problem for the Crawfords is the uncertainty of the future, for them they have no idea of where they'll end up and when they'll get off the boat.

"We are just thankful that we are safe, and no one is sick. We are just as worried for the people back home, as they are about us," said the Crawfords.

The Crawfords said their main hope is when they finally get off the boat, that its in a safe and orderly fashion, so that nothing gets too crowded and they can stay safe from contracting the virus.