Local law enforcement agencies are putting plans in place to limit spread and exposure of COVID-19.

The Oklahoma City Police Department announced Tuesday that 911 dispatchers will ask callers additional questions regarding virus symptoms. Low priority calls within Oklahoma City will be handled over the phone.

Edmond Police have been given personal protective equipment, according to a spokesperson.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol informed civilians that troopers may ask them to read their driver’s license number rather than hand the card over.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has suspended in-person jail visitation. Preparations are in place for any inmate exhibiting symptoms.

“Inside of the jail we do have about five or six reverse air pods that we can put folks in who might be exhibiting signs of sickness,” OCSO Public Information Director Mark Myers said.

Myers said county staff has been informed on what symptoms to look for.

“The deputies out on the street they've been talked to and are discussing about social distancing if someone's exhibiting certain symptoms what they should do at that point,” Myers said.