OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma County Commissioners announced they will be holding an emergency meeting to discuss potential plans at the court house and jail should the impact of COVID-19, coronavirus get worse. 
Commissioners said ahead of the meeting that they planned to have the court house cleaned more. The extra precautions could mean making changes to the budget. 
One commissioner also said the Sheriff would be at the meeting to discuss what could be next for the jail. 
"There are some state statutes that even require essentially in the middle of a crisis, as I understand it, that certain county offices must be maintained and kept running no matter," said Dist. 2 Commissioner Brian Maughan. 
Maughan said they will have to decide who would be essential staff and what services would also be considered "essential".
Dist. 3 Commissioner Kevin Calvey sent News 9 a statement Sunday. 
"I urge that we move our employees and work duties to remote and telecommute status except those few that cannot effectively be done outside the County Office Building, to minimize contact with potential viruses in our highly-trafficked location," wrote Calvey. "Our county department heads, as well as some of our fellow elected officials, have indicated that most duties could temporarily be performed from home or otherwise remotely, save certain tasks done by a handful of rotating employees, with little disruption to the public. 
 which read in part."
The meeting starts March 16 at 2 p.m.