There are now eight confirmed cases of COVID-19, coronavirus in Oklahoma, but according to the Oklahoma State Dept. of Health hundreds have been tested. 
One OKC woman said she's put herself in self quarantine after she thinks she might have been exposed.
Linda Morgan said she was at a regular meeting with friends on March 4 but recently found out someone at that meeting was sent to the hospital and tested for COVID-19. 
Morgan said after she found out she contacted the others at the meeting and hasn't left her house. 
"I'm not saying be fearful," said Morgan. "I'm not saying panic. I'm just saying be smart."
She's hoping that by speaking out, others will take it more seriously and realize that its not just about them. 
"Take care of yourself and do everything you can to protect yourself," urged Moran. "Because you have to protect other people around you, your neighbors and other people around you that you come in contact with."
News 9 did reach out to the OSDH about Morgan's situation. A spokesperson said Morgan is doing exactly what she should be doing. 
If someone thinks they have been exposed, self quarantine. If that person starts showing symptoms, call their local doctor. 
For more information and recommendations, head to the OSDH's official website