OKLAHOMA CITY - In just days, local jurors are expected to show up for mandatory jury duty, but there's a growing concern as events and gatherings are canceled due to COVID-19, coronavirus concerns. 

Lisa Daniels is supposed to report for jury duty in Oklahoma County the first week of April. She's hoping something changes because she's in that high risk category.

"To sit on one end and say we're going to cancel all of these big gatherings but come sit in this small room with 260 other people, or however many people are going to be there, that just seems so wrong," said Daniels 

In just the last few years Daniels was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and had to go through radiation. 

She said she also has high blood pressure and is approaching 60.

Daniels understands being on a jury is a duty of every citizen but said she's already tried to reach out to the Clerk of Courts about her concerns.

"I just think we are in uncharted territory right now," said Daniels. 

She's already taking precautions at home and is hoping that something is done before she's supposed to report for duty. 

It's a move that a district judge in Tulsa County has already made. There jury trials previously set for the dates of March 30 and April 13 have been canceled. 

News 9 will continue to update this story if a decision on jury trails in made in Oklahoma County or others in the area.