OKLAHOMA CITY - After announcing a state of emergency Sunday, Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt says the main reason they are doing this is because the first case of community spread of COVID-19 has been confirmed in the metro. 

With this state of emergency there is a long list of changes that will be happening.

Mayor Holt has announced all city-related gatherings of 50 or more people are now banned. 

The ban will stretch to places like Chesapeake Energy Arena, Scissortail Park, and the Cox Convention Center.

The city also says that all event permits through April 12th have been revoked.

OKC will stop the cutting of water service to customers who cant pay their bills.

When it comes to social distancing, public transportation will still remain open, however city officials are advising everyone to keep a distance of three feet from each other.

With food, the Mayor is advising to just pick it up, and not dine in.

“People should not consider dining in a restaurant. Today we are still leaving these decisions to individuals, but I will remind you a declaration of emergency means that it will potentially have the ability to regulate all public gatherings if public health demands it,” said Holt.

While the limit of social gatherings is 50, the Mayor is advising that people keep the number much lower than that to avoid possible spread of COVID-19. 

The city will be signing that state of emergency proclamation later Monday.