Census Day is April 1 and local leaders want you to know that the census is more than just a questionnaire. The census affects nearly every part of Americans' lives.

The results of the 2020 Census will determine representation in Congress, as well as funding for schools, hospitals and special programs for the next 10 years. This is why the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is asking Latinos to take part in the census, so that their voice can be heard thru their numbers.

"The Latino community is the fastest growing segment of the population,” said David Castillo, president of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

In Oklahoma City, Castillo said some Latinos may be scared to fill out the forms and that's very concerning.

“You know, with the citizenship question that was supposed to be on there, which is not on there,” he said.  “That misinformation that people have is where we try to educate the community."

Census data is used by businesses, schools and local and federal government. If members of a population are undercounted, it matters.

"Federal funds depend on how many people are in the state. It's $1,600 per person per year. So, imagine if we had 15,000 that we didn't count," he said.

Castillo expects that Oklahoma's Hispanic population will continue to grow.

“The last census was 310,000, and that was 10 years ago. The last update was 400,000. We really believe there are over 500,000 in Oklahoma," he said.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will hold to informational sessions on March 16 and April 1.