Police said a man was stabbed by his neighbor after offering to mow her lawn.

According to reports, the 54-year-old victim is known for frequently asking his neighbors if he can offer lawn care services.

“He said he lived around the corner and he wanted to know if we needed any lawn service or anything done around here,” one neighbor, Lisa Dorrough said.

Investigators said Tuesday, the man knocked on suspect Niechee Turner’s door to offer services.

Police reports said Turner ran towards the man and began stabbing him.

“Apparently there was a second female there who also threw something at the man, so he not only had somebody hurling objects at him, he was stabbed right after that,” Oklahoma City Police MSgt. Gary Knight said.

Neighbor Ana Honar said she saw emergency services arrive.

“I looked outside and there was cops and ambulance and firefighters,” Honar said.

Turner was arrested and the victim was taken to the hospital. Officers said he is expected to recover.

Investigators have not indicated what the possible motive was.

“No indication at all that he knew them. He simply knocked on their door to talk to them about mowing their lawn and apparently that was when the attack took place,” Knight said.

Neighbors told police they've never had any trouble with the man and have no idea what motivated this attack. 

“He seemed harmless, so I was surprised to know that that happened,” Dorrough said.