The University of Oklahoma Board of Regents could make a decision Wednesday on whether to move classes online after spring break to keep COVID-19 from spreading on campus.

OU sent a letter to students warning them about the possibility of online classes following spring break. The university has also limited business related staff travel to other states.

But the fear, especially for students, is that heavy travel during spring break could bring them in contact with the coronavirus.

“My situation, it's not as bad. I live in Oklahoma City. It's not a far drive, but for someone who lives out-of-state, Texas, or even further, they are in a tougher situation,” said OU Senior Austin Hernandez.

Along with OU, other universities are taking measures to combat the possible spread of the coronavirus. OSU is also looking into the possibility of online classes, while the University of Tulsa is moving classes online Wednesday, after one student's relative tested presumptive positive for COVID-19.

The board of regents' executive session is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday. They will announce which topics they'll be discussing before entering executive session.