A man is accused of extorting thousands of dollars from a metro business owner at gunpoint.

Court records show he told his victim he needed the money to rescue his family from Mexico.

According to court documents, Jason Daniels became acquainted with his victim while working on neighboring construction projects in Oklahoma City.

Over the course of a month, the two shared several work-related conversations. Then in late January Daniels showed up at his victim's office near Rockwell and Melrose Lane.

Daniels explained he was in desperate need of $3,300. He told his victim "his kids were kidnapped and were being held in Mexico."

When the victim told him he could only come up with $1,000 Daniels insisted he come up with more, saying “the person was going to kill his kids if he didn't provide them with the money."

Believing Daniels' story, the victim collected the money. The two later met at a business parking lot where Daniels’ demanded more.

When the victim refused Daniels pulled out a gun saying "I need to tell you one thing, I'm packing. You have to do this."

Scared, the victim told police he started praying quietly to himself."

He mustered up the courage telling Daniels "do what you came to do. Just take care of your business."

Before leaving with the money Daniels said, "We will meet again."

A warrant has been issued for Daniels arrest.