Police in Del City are searching for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run. Investigators said a woman was killed near Southwest 44th Street and Sooner Road last night.

“It was nighttime, and it was dark,” Major Bradley Rule said. So, if all the factors line up, this is what happens.”

According to Rule, the accident happened around 6 p.m. Whether the victim was trying to cross the street or if she was walking down the street is currently unknown.

“The accident reconstruction teams were called out to the scene to try to put together what happened,” said Rule.

After the investigation, they will review their findings. Based on that information along with the medical examiner’s report they will make a conclusion about what happened.

As for the driver, finding him will be difficult. Most of the security cameras face the area just behind and in front of the scene of the accident. However, they hope witnesses will come forward with potential leads.

"Obviously whoever was driving the vehicle knows they hit somebody. And for some reason they fled the scene. At the conclusion of the investigation, hopefully we can identify the person," Rule said.  

Rule said next of kin have been notified.