The state health department announced Oklahomans on board a cruise ship in California will be monitored for COVID-19.  Out of the 3,500 passengers, 26 are from Oklahoma.

The Grand Princess cruise ship docked Monday in San Francisco. Passengers are slowly being let off the ship. 

So far, 19 crew members and two passengers have tested positive for the virus, but that doesn't include any of the 26 Oklahomans on board.

Teresa and Darrell Roberts are from Edmond and quarantined themselves inside their room on the cruise ship last Wednesday. Now, they're just trying to get back to Oklahoma safely.

“It's a shame that the best part of your day is hearing the knock on the door and finding food on the floor,” said Teresa Roberts.

The Roberts took the trip for their 50th anniversary. The couple said they wanted to change plans. Two weeks prior to their departure they tried reschedule or get their money back due to the outbreak.

Officials with the cruise said they would lose 3/4 of the money they had already paid over the last year.

Right now, the couple said they have no symptoms and feel like they've done everything they needed to combat the virus.

“They made us wash our hands even from the get-go before every meal, and Teresa has been good about sanitizing the room after tours,” said Darrell Roberts.

The state health department said passengers will be tested when they get off the ship. Those without symptoms will be released and return to Oklahoma.

They will then be quarantined at home and monitored by the health department.

“We've heard that we will be tested twice while we're in confinement quarantine and we just pray that we don't develop symptoms that will prevent us from coming home sooner,” said Teresa Roberts.

If they test positive, they will be sent to a military base in another state.