NORMAN, Oklahoma - The University of  Oklahoma Board of Regents special meeting starts at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in Norman.

The University says any update on their Coronavirus contingency plans will not be made before Tuesday afternoon at the earliest.

Regents are considering a plan to move classes to online only for two weeks after spring break. With some students likely traveling out of the country, along with dozens of students returning form OU's Italy campus, the University says it needs quote "heightened awareness" when its comes to the possibility of bringing the virus on campus.

"We have a lot of international students, if they come back on campus and it breaks out who knows what will happen," says John Barry, an OU journalism student.

The Black Emergency Response Team at OU, also called BERT, says they will be sitting in on the Regents meeting Tuesday and Wednesday after a nearly three day sit in last month in response to racial injustice on campus.

BERT saying in a tweet last night.

"As we said at the sit-in, its now on the Board of Regents to meet our demands and show marginalized communities they care. The public Board of Regents meeting will be tomorrow at 3:30 in the Great Reading Room. If you are able to attend, come to show our strength in numbers."


There is nothing on Tuesday's agenda about the BERT resolutions, or the Coronavirus. But the university says the virtual classroom proposal could be discussed during executive session.