OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City businesses, schools and programs are taking precautions during the coronavirus outbreak.

The YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City said their staff cleans the facilities all the time, but now they are sanitizing even more. 

A spokesperson, Rachel Klein, said they want to stress the local Y's are safe. She said they haven't seen any decrease in programs with the concern of the virus, but they are communicating with visitors and staff.

Right now, they're advising people to wash their hands and avoid touching their face, mouth or nose.

The Y's youth soccer programs started the final week of February, so staff is stressing their health message to parents.  

"Were talking about it a little bit more," said Klein. "But we're also asking kids and participants not shake hands or give high fives but rather do elbow touches, fist bumps or toe taps," Klein said. 

She also said, right now, they haven't required staff to go through any extra training. Managers are talking to staff about cleaning, making sure they know what they are using.

"We talk about the products that we're using a little bit more, so the cleaning and disinfecting the products that we're using," said Klein. "We've talked about that a little bit more so people understand, staff understand, how long each product needs to sit before it becomes effective."

Even with concern across the country and here in Oklahoma, Klein said locally their programs are running as normal. 

"Right now our plan is to continually monitor what the CDC is saying and what information we have out there and listening to the authorities," said Klein.

She said if they need to close a facility to clean in the future, they will.

YMCA staff also said their youth programs don't travel up to Tulsa for any competitions. Currently, that's where the only confirmed coronoavirus case is so far, but there are 10 other Oklahomans under investigation.