I asked what extra precautions you are taking, if any, to protect you and your family from the coronavirus, and I received hundreds of responses.

Jason wrote: "Continuing the same practices we have already taught them...wash, wash, repeat. Stop touching your face!"

Lisa said she: "Added zinc to vitamins."

Jackie wrote: "I'm not picking my shoes up from China at the post offices till 9 days has passed, supposedly it lives that long on surfaces."

Lynda added: "sanitizing hands after having mail/packages delivered."

 Lots of responses like Kevan's who said: "Trying avoid as much of the media hype as possible is very effective in battling this paranoia epidemic."

Audrey said: "Eat at home in your own clean kitchen!"

Joyce said: "We are a bit concerned that supply chains might be disrupted, so we have an extra week's supply of food and essentials."

Kat wrote: "Being over 70, we are staying home and washing our hands after any contact with something from outside"

Alyssa said: "I am giving my kids a daily vitamin as usual and making sure to spray our shoes and bags with Lysol"

Teresa wrote: "Zero extra precautions. We always wash our hands. This is SO overhyped"

Lastly, Chris said: "Not listening to media, this story has been blown up more than a toilet on Thanksgiving."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.