The Orr Family Farm is looking for answers after someone stole thousands of dollars’ worth of material. 

None of the employees were on the property when the break-in happened, but the next day they noticed locks had been busted off doors and several saddles used for events were missing.

“This guy looks so professional that it's scary,” said Dr. Glenn Orr.

A masked man snuck onto the property of the Orr Family Farm last week. He broke into several buildings, stealing up to $1,500 worth of equipment. At one point, the suspect poked his head into one of the buildings, right in the view of a security camera.


“When you see that and you see this almost looks like this guy’s a professional, it just sends chills down my back, in fact it still does,” said Orr.

Dr. Orr said this is the first time in the farm's 30-year history they’ve dealt with a break-in. He said some of the other cameras on the property weren't working at the time. They plan to add more security cameras as well as security guards along the property.

“It had never happened to us before and it was a chilling experience to think that here we are trying to do things for families, for children,” said Orr. “Somebody comes in here and robs one of the things that is so important for the children that is the pony rides.”

In the meantime, they plan to try and find a way to replace the saddles but are looking for help if anyone has information on this case.

“We certainly are going to offer a reward on information leading up to the conviction of whoever did this to us,” said Orr.

Dr. Orr said the reward would be around $350 and you can call the farm's office at 799-3276.