City and state leaders are reminding people to step up and be counted.

The 2020 Census Bureau rolls out this week and there are concerns with how the coronavirus could impact the count.

At a time when people are minimizing coming into contact with others, the U.S. Census Bureau will be contacting you starting this week.

Invitations to be counted will start arriving in the mail and your responses are important.

“There are so many programs at the state and federal level that are determined through how many people live in your city,” said Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt.

But the U.S. Census Bureau is addressing coronavirus with fears the virus could lead to a skewed count.

"Household surveys have procedures built in that specifically anticipate epidemics and pandemics,” said Director of the 2020 U.S. Census Dr. Steven Dillingham.

But much of the census is actually immune to coronavirus.

You can fill out your invitations online, over phone, or by mail which significantly decreases the chances of a census interviewer knocking on your door.

10 years ago, 76% of households mailed back their responses.

At you can learn the reasons why an interviewer would have to come to your home.

Those reasons include turning in your responses too late, follow up questions or questions for other surveys.

That’s more reason for those wanting to avoid face to face contact to get their responses in just after Census Day April 1, 2020.