Its been nearly one year since a beloved Oklahoma City chef was killed in a hit and run crash near NW 16th and Western Avenue.

Chad Epley's family told News 9 they're still in mourning, but moving forward. 

"I stand here often," said Chelsey Cobb, Epley's sister.

She said coming to this ghost bike is how she finds her brother.  

"Sometimes, I just come and change out the flowers," Cobb said. "Sometimes, I play him music."

The bike is now covered in faded messages of love. For Cobb, this is a place of solace, but for her mom, Charla Story, coming to the intersection where Epley was hit is the opposite. 

"This part is the hard part," Story said. "I like going to where he lived way more than where his life was taken."

The last year has been an adjustment for his family. 

"The grieving process has been and is evolving and changing," Story said. 

"I miss his hugs the most," Cobb said. 

The only evidence left behind from the collision, grainy surveillance video of the accident. It shows what looks like a black sedan dragging a bike causing sparks to fly. 

"But its hard to even know if that's the car that hit Mr. Epley because he could have been hit by another car and left the bike in the road after the collision," said Oklahoma City police Master Sgt. Gary Knight. 

Officers told News 9 they think someone has information and that's really what they are missing. 

His mom still holds out hope that the person who's responsible will turn themselves in. 

"It's not that me or my family seek revenge, that's not it at all. It's hope," said Story. 

Even without answers, Epley's family is moving forward. Finding more compassion for others and Cobb is pushing for more bike lanes across the city, especially down streets like Classen Boulevard. 

"Some days, I'm angry, and some days, I'm sad, but generally that's the fuel you need to do something effective," said Cobb.

The next step in the grieving process is an emotional one, finding a new home for Epley. Possibly, a more permanent memorial.

"In terms of coming to find him, I'm going to find a new place," Cobb said. 

If anyone knows anything about the collision, police said call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.