OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety said people should start preparing now to get their Real ID.

There will be four or five different documents everybody needs to bring in before receiving one of the new IDs starting April 30.

People need to bring proof of identity, proof of social security and two documents to show proof of residency. 

One of the most common documents to prove ID is a birth certificate, but DPS said they want to stress people have to bring in a specific copy.

"When we say you have to have a copy of your birth certificate, it has to be a certified copy with that seal from the state so that we can verify it is an authentic document," said DPS Director of Media Relations Sarah Stewart. 

Stewart said the MyOklahoma app could be a useful tool for people that can't find their birth certificate. The app allows you to order certified copies. 

Those Oklahomans that have had a name change also have to bring in an additional document. 

"You do have to bring in proof of that name change we have to be able to connect your current name to the name that's on your proof of identity, like your birth certificate," said Stewart. "So that could be a marriage certificate, divorce decree [or] things like that."

If you have had more than one, DPS officials said you have to bring in proof for each different change.

The department said being prepared is so important because at the end of April their staff estimates around 630,000 Oklahomans will need a real ID. Those are people that may be flying and don't have a passport or another ID that can be used after the Oct. 1 federal deadline.

DPS officials said they're  anticipating lines and don't want anyone to have to get turned away and come back later. 

The department does have an interactive guide online that will help residents plan what they need to bring when they get their Real ID