OKLAHOMA CITY - A local teen is looking forward to the future after her brain cancer went into remission. 

For being just 15-years-old, Morgan Carel has had an active life.
“She’s always wanted to travel, she’s always someone who had her life planned,” said her mother Celeste Carel.
That was until May of last year when Morgan was diagnosed with brain cancer.
“I’m glad I went through what I did because it made me a better person,” said Morgan.
It was that attitude that pushed her through months of blood test, MRI's and treatments.
But now Morgan is winning the fight and ringing the bell at OU Children's Hospital. 
“We would have folded like a house of cards if she wasn’t as tough as she was,” said Celeste.
Now and for the future, the young girl who's been through more than most people would ever understand, is ready to get back on track. And let others know a diagnosis like this isn’t the end.
“Try to get out as much as you can, try to live life and don’t seclude yourself,” said Morgan.