A Moore high school senior who survived a deadly hit-and-run last month is sharing his story.

February 3, three students were killed near campus, while Joseph White and three others were injured.

White said his teammates saved his life.

The students, a group of cross-county runners, were jogging on the sidewalk when a truck jumped the curb.

 “Many of us, that truck came so fast that we didn’t have time to react,” White said. “Trying to figure out, why and how did some of us make it and some of us didn’t. Just try to make it through it all.”

In a flash, students were thrown into the air.

Yuridia Martinez, Kolby Crum and Rachel Freeman died from their injuries.

Rachel was Joseph's girlfriend, and the whole team made up a tight-knit family.

Max Townsend is accused of running the students over, going nearly 80 mph, he is also accused of being impaired behind the wheel.

“That’s one thing I do remember is hearing the engine rev really loud,” White said. “He took away my happiness pretty much. That being Rachel, my friend Kolby and my ability to run.”

Joseph was covered in road rash, had a brain bleed, concussion and broken bones.

Coaches, students, and witnesses all rushed to help.

“I mean, honestly I don’t think I would still be alive if it wasn’t for my teammates rushing over to help me and I don’t think as many people would (have) survived… if we didn’t help each other as much,” White said.

Joesph signed an athletic scholarship with Rogers State and has dreams of going to medical school.

He had planned his life with Rachel, but said in an instant, it was torn away.

However, the support of the community is helping him take steps to get his life back.

While he must move forward, he'll always remember running alongside his teammates, especially Rachel.

 “I don’t really care if I am remembered as being a survivor of the tragedy. It’s more important to celebrate and remember the lives of those that were lost and impacted,” he said.

Joseph said one day, when he gets better, he hopes to run the OKC marathon.