Police are investigating a case out of Northwest Oklahoma City in regard to possible child abuse caught on camera.

“The mother was at work and she had a motion (sensored) camera that was activated,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “She was able to look at what was going on in the home and she actually saw her son being abused by the babysitter.”

The video shows the babysitter allegedly carrying the child by one arm and throwing him on the bed. Investigators said from there she told the 2-year-old, “don’t move, don’t play with anything, don’t get up, and if I come back in here and you moved,” then the video ends.

“Obviously it is a very hard video to watch,” said Knight. “Anytime you see a small defenseless child being treated this way.”

The video went viral after the mother shared it to warn other families in the metro of using this babysitter. She didn’t mean for many to see it, but it was shared by people through the group and others thousands of times.

Police are still actively investigating this case. No arrests have been made.