Family members of a woman killed by a drunk driver are outraged after her killer is sentenced to 35 years of probation.

However, he will spend 52 consecutive weekends in jail.

“He should have to do time; I think that's only fair. Why should he get to walk around, go to work, and live a happy life? I got six kids that will argue with you about that,” said the victim’s husband Victor Potvin.

One by one supporters of 23-year-old Logan Reed approached the bench telling district judge Heather Coyle, Reed was not the same man he was the night he got behind the wheel in September 2018.

At nearly two times the legal drinking limit, blacked out drunk, Reed went barreling 83 mph into Donna Potvin's SUV killing her.

“I think the outcome was appropriate as I stated there was no winners. Mr. Reed took full responsibility from the very beginning,” said defense attorney Justin Lowe.

Too injured to go to jail following the crash Reed spent time hospitalized.

Once out, supporters said he spoke to countless teens, took responsibility, and turned his life over to God.

And while his actions impacted the judge's ruling, Donna's father believes they were self-serving.

“You go to jail and the first thing you do is grab a bible and you start doing all these programs, so you can get less of a sentence,” said Donna’s father Roger Prater.

Donna's family said not a day goes by that the weight of her loss isn't felt.

“She tried to come see me once a month no matter what. She called all the time to make sure we were doing alright. Every time I’m around the grandkids they want to know where grandma is,” said Prater.

Before walking out of the courtroom and passing cameras as a free man, Reed took a moment to address the victim's family. He said he's reminded every day of the life he took. Words her husband said brings little comfort.

“How would he know? He got off easy. His parents can see him every day. We have to go to the cemetery see my wife,” said Potvin.

The judge addressed Reed and told him she was going out on a limb, and that if he violated the terms of his suspended sentence, she wouldn't hesitate to make him serve the full 35 years.