The public helped Oklahoma City police on Wednesday identify a man accused of vandalizing a convenience store near Northwest 10th Street and MacArthur Boulevard.

The clerk working at the Duo convenience store at the time took a photo of the suspect and then called 911. 

Caller: “They are leaving, they hit everything here.”

According to the 911 call, the clerk held the customer's credit card until he apologized for making vulgar comments.

Caller: “They were talking bad words and I told them don’t talk to me like that bad word. He talking to me in Indian, Indian language and I know the Indian language.”

The store employee said when he refused to speak to the man in his native language, the suspect ransacked the store.

“At some point the customer got so angry he began knocking things over in the store,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Created quite a disturbance, broke several items.”

The vandal is accused of breaking the cash register, a glass case and the plastic covering of a knife case.

911 Dispatcher: “What kind of vehicle did they leave in?”

Caller: “A BMW white car.”

911 Dispatcher: “BMW?”

Caller: “Yeah white car.”

911 Dispatcher: “How long ago did they leave?”

Caller: “Uh one minute.”

The suspect now faces a vandalism charge.

“Thankfully nobody was injured,” said Knight. “He didn’t assault anybody.”

Police said he will be arrested on the misdemeanor charge sometime this week.