There is not a confirmed case of the coronavirus in Oklahoma, however the concern is palpable.

As a result, metro districts are taking precautionary steps.

With the potential for a pandemic, school districts tell News 9 they're doing what they can to stop the spread of illness.

As the head of the World Health Organization announced growing numbers suggesting the disease is far more lethal than previously suspected, but also less transmissible - schools and hospitals across the U.S. are stepping up.

Because coronavirus spreads like the flu, in a letter to parents and guardians Tuesday Stillwater Public Schools said their response has been similar.

Within the district custodians are disinfecting classrooms and taking extra care to sanitize common areas.

Staff is stressing to students the importance of washing their hands.

Students and staff are being encouraged to use the alcohol-based hand sanitizers made available. And district administrators are monitoring student and staff absenteeism’s due to respiratory illnesses.

Edmond Public Schools and Oklahoma City Public Schools are taking similar measures.

All districts are also reminding parents to keep sick students home until they are fever-free for 24 hours without medication.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is monitoring the situation and standing by ready to take action.