Both primary winners took to Twitter to thank Oklahoma voters Tuesday night after projecting to win the state’s Republican and Democratic primary elections.

The Democratic primary race came down to the wire.

Joe Biden edged out Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg with more than 36% of votes.

On the Republican side, there wasn't a contest.

President Donald Trump won 93% of the vote.

The News 9 poll predicted Biden would claim the Sooner State.

Our Political Analyst Scott Mitchell talked to News 9 about what his victory means for an Oklahoma leader.

“But a Biden or other nomination makes it much easier, much easier path for Congresswoman Horn to face reflection in Oklahoma’s 5th, that’s going to be a difficult election anyway you go, but a Biden at the top of the ticket versus a Sanders…much easier for the 5th district congresswoman,” said Mitchell.

The Oklahoma State Election Board reports this will likely be the second highest voter turnout of the year.

Numbers are on par with 2016 stats, when considering early voting, and mailed in ballots.

The election board said that Democratic participation is slightly up, while Republican turnout was slightly low.

Secretary of State Election Board Paul Ziriax said that has a lot to do with competition on the various sides of the primary.

Jill Biden stumped for her husband Tuesday, as well as Danny Glover on behalf of Bernie Sanders.

Trump supporters flew their flag high over Interstate 35, and even held watch parties throughout the metro.

“If you look at the voter registration just before the primary today, roughly 2.1 million voters, of those a little less than half are Republicans, about 48.5%, little more than 35% are Democrats, the balance are Independents, and about half a percent are Libertarian,” said Ziriax.

The State Election Board said hundreds of thousands of voters turned out Tuesday.