A former volunteer Logan County firefighter, accused of hitting and killing a woman and then leaving the scene of the crash in October 2019 outside a Guthrie bar, has been arrested again.

Zachary Simmons, 28, was arrested by Payne County sheriff deputies on March 1 for driving under the influence and resisting arrest.

Simmons was traveling westbound at 2:28 a.m. on 44th Street near Major Road when a Payne County sheriff deputy noticed Simmons truck did not have a working tag light.

The deputy pulled Simmons over. When the vehicle came to a stop, Simmons put both hands out of the window.

When the deputy began talking to Simmons, he noticed a strong smell of alcohol on Simmons breath.

Simmons admitted to the deputy he had been drinking but stated it was earlier in the evening. Simmons told the deputy he drove to Stillwater to pick up friends that had been drinking.

After deputies told Simmons he was under arrest, Simmons began to back away and put his hand into his pocket where deputies noticed a clip for a knife.

One deputy drew his gun while another got control of Simmons left hand.

Deputies were able to get Simmons in custody after he resisted.

Simmons took a breathalyzer with a test result of .10, .02 over the legal limit.

Deputies took Simmons to the Payne County jail where he later posted a $2,500 bond.

On Tuesday, the Payne County District Attorney’s office requested to enhance Simmons’ bond to $75,000 on the condition he is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle or consume alcohol.

Judge Kulling increased Simmons’ bond to $50,000 and also ruled Simmons is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle or consume alcohol.

Simmons is already out of jail on bond after being charged with leaving the scene of a fatality accident.

Simmons is accused of hitting Mandy Gorsuch, 33, with his truck in October 2019 outside of Roosters Hard Times Club on October 26.

Simmons was released on $50,000 bond on November 1.

Friends and family of Gorsuch have


According to court documents, Simmons quit the Sooner Fire Department after learning he was about to be demoted for driving fire department vehicles in a dangerous matter.