A scammer targeted the northwest Oklahoma City AT&T store’s customers last week.

Victim Roxanne Mattocks said she couldn’t believe she fell for the trick.

“I was shocked that he had me reeled in,” Mattocks said.

Mattocks said it began when a man called her claiming to be a concerned manager at the AT&T store on Memorial.

“He said that there was a suspect in the store claiming to be a relative of mine, using my ID,” Mattocks said.

Mattocks said the caller claimed Oklahoma City police had responded to the store to arrest a person trying to get into her account.

The man said he would text Mattocks a code which she then needed to read back to him. She complied, before realizing it was all a trick.

“I got a sinking feeling something was not right,” Mattocks said.

Mattocks said she hung up and called police who informed her they were not at the AT&T store.

According to the victim, the caller was a scammer the entire time, and the code she had given him was for a temporary password to her account.

“I was told by the AT&T fraud department that he had tried to purchase a computer, a Samsung computer, two phones, and a tablet,” Mattocks said of the scammer’s use of her account.

AT&T was able to cancel the purchases, according to Mattocks, who has since changed her password.

Oklahoma City police confirmed the store called them twice about the scam last week.

AT&T’s corporate offices sent News 9 a statement and link on the matter:

“An important step in protecting your online accounts begins with your one-time PIN. If someone calls you and asks you to read a one-time PIN you just received, this is a sign a scammer is at work. Do Not Share a PIN,

AT&T will not call and ask for your PIN. Keep any passcodes, passwords and PINs to yourself. If you think a caller is trying to scam you, hang up. If you get a suspicious email or text, do not reply. Call 611 and ask for our Fraud Department.”