A former second lady of the United States was in Oklahoma City stumping for her husband as Oklahomans make their way to the polls for Super Tuesday. 

Jill Biden, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, arrived Tuesday morning to Oklahoma City and made three stops across the metropolitan area in two hours.

About 7 a.m., she arrived at Millwood Elementary School, 6710 Martin Luther King Avenue, as parents dropped their kids off at school.

Then, she went to This Iz It diner, 2831 NE 23rd St., where she spoke to diner goers.

"We’re going to take this all the way to the White House,” she said.

She also posed with an Obama cardboard cut-out.

For her final stop, she went to VZD’s Restaurant and Bar where the Democratic House of Representatives introduced Jill Biden as a mother, wife, doctor and educator before she made her a announcement.

“You are the reason that we are going to send my husband Joe Biden to the White House,” Jill Biden said to the crowd.

Jill Biden spoke about finding her faith again after loss and why she believes her husband should be in the White House.

Next, Jill Biden is headed to San Diego, California, and then Los Angeles. She will meet her husband, Joe Biden, and will wait for results from the 14 Super Tuesday states.