Dominic Kelly, 16, was arrested last week on two complaints of first-degree arson. Fire officials said even though he is 16 he will be charged as an adult.

During the investigation fire investigators said Kelly admitted to starting two fires at his apartment complex off of S. Drexel.

“What made it more scary is that there were two people who lived in the apartment that were on the phone with our dispatchers and they were trapped,” said Benny Fulkerson, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

But, a friend of Kelly told News 9 that he suffers from Pyromania and is not an arsonist.

“He said that he didn’t mean for anything to happen because we were on the phone and he said he didn’t mean to hurt anyone,” said Catherina Casto, a good friend of Kelly’s.

Casto revealed Kelly has suffered from pyromania since he was a child and that he sets little fires here and there not thinking about it.

“It is a compulsive disorder when you have an impulse to do something destructive unlike an arsonist,” said Casto.

All she really wants is for Kelly to be able to get some help and not be locked up in jail.

“I want him to go get treatment and not go to jail,” said Casto. “Treatment can help him get better and he can get out and go do everyday things because treatment can help people with mental disorders.”