Oklahoma is prepared for the coronavirus, according to the Oklahoma City-County Health Department.

Representatives from six state agencies including the OCCHD, and the Emergency Management of Oklahoma County and City discussed their plan of action in the event of a coronavirus outbreak.

“Once we figure out what the particulars are of that disaster or incident, say for instance a pandemic, then we can branch off and get the specifics. So, now we can start pulling in subject matter and experts,” said Lt. Knighten, Government Affairs Liaison at OCCHD.

The OCCHD emphasized the experience and capability of each agency and said they are more than qualified to handle anything that comes their way.

Blaine Bolding is the Administrator for the OCCHD Emergency Preparedness and Response Team.

"West Nile, Ebola. You name it. So, we do have some experience. We know what we're doing. You’re very fortunate to be in Oklahoma if something like this were to happen. Like I said, we are a top tier state as far as preparedness goes,” Bolding said.

Among the topics discussed were exposure to the disease and preventative measures.

“The way this virus spreads. It’s going to be through droplets. Meaning, someone has to cough, sneeze on you. Not so much on an object and then you touching that,” explained Heather Yazdanipour, Regional Director of EMSA'S Medical Response team. “You going to a Chinese restaurant or an Asian market, that won't increase your risks of coronavirus compared to any other daily activity you do.”

And as far as those masks go Yazdanipour had this to say.

“Right now, it’s only recommended for those that have direct contact with coronavirus patients like healthcare workers,” she said.