Midwest City police are asking for the public’s help to find a man they said has robbed four stores in the in the past two months.

According to police, it is the same story every time. The man walks into the stores near closing time wearing a dark colored hoodie and a surgical mask.

“He looks around to make sure there are no other patrons in the store,” said Midwest City Chief Brandon Clabes. “He then selects a small insignificant item off the shelf and takes it up to the cash register, then produces a note.”

That note reads, "I have a gun, ring the item up I have provided, give me all the money in the register, I'm sorry, I need this for medication for my sick child".

According to police the masked man has made away with an undisclosed amount of cash each time.

“We have utilized a tremendous amount of tactics to catch this guy,” said Clabes. “We have been close but have been unsuccessful in catching him.”

Officials are hoping the public might know something before he strikes again.

“It is unfair to the clerks who work for minimum wage to try and pay bills,” said Clabes. “Then you have this guy who comes in and creates a sense of fear.”

If you have any information call the Midwest City Police Department at 405-739-1320.