When OKCPS' Pathway to Greatness program was announced, major changes in school closures, feeder patterns and bus routes were the biggest concerns.

This week marks one year since Oklahoma City Public Schools announced the plan.

OKCPS superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel said attendance and student achievement scores are going up.

The biggest challenge, according to McDaniel, are the daily and weekly conversations with parents, students and faculty about how this plan would be beneficial in the long run.

The district said it believes problems with over-enrollment in certain schools and bus routes have either been partially solved or leveled off.

For year two and beyond, McDaniel said the best way for people to adjust to the new system is by creating a welcoming environment.

"We are counting on our great teachers, we are counting on our great support personnel and our great school leaders to really provide that atmosphere in the school so that moms feel better, dads feel better and grandparents feel better going to that school,” McDaniel said.

Over the next two weeks, the district is hosting four work sessions to discuss their strategic plan for the next five years.

The district will also be ready to answer questions on the consolidation plan at those meetings.