A Calvin teacher is accused of inappropriately touching himself in the classroom and recording it on his cellphone.

The video was discovered during a separate investigation of Nathan Holland.

In January, an adult woman accused Holland of raping her at the Holiday Inn Express in Shawnee.

Investigators arrived and searched his device, and report that's when they found the disturbing new evidence.

Holland said in the interrogation that he was alone in the classroom when he took the video.

Investigators said that they do not believe children were present at the time of recording.

Here is an excerpt from the interrogation:

Holland: I am not disputing that at all. At the same time though, I have had every former player I have ever coached, every current players’ parent, and every co-worker I’ve had, I have had them send a statement to my attorney. I will, would absolutely not care if you vetted every kid that I have had contact with, or the kids’ parents…I really don’t mix those two worlds. That picture…I was by myself.  

Later on, Holland told an investigator this:

Holland: They were like, are you at the school? I was like yeah; I am definitely alone though. I am not saying I am right in my judgement. I was definitely very stupid.

Because Calvin is outside Pottawatomie County District Attorney Allan Grubb's jurisdiction, he is working with other agencies.

However, Grubb filed five charges against Holland for the alleged rape Thursday.

Court documents report the woman claimed she met Holland through the dating app "Bumble."

The two agreed to meet at a restaurant, but instead Holland asked her to come to his hotel room.

The alleged victim walked in, said "hi" then "Nathan grabbed her by the throat ..." and raped her, according to court documents.

Grubb said when his investigators searched Holland's device that is when they found multiple videos with sexually graphic content.

Holland is on leave from Calvin Schools.

He is scheduled to appear in court Friday.