An Oklahoma City homeowner found a man sleeping in his attic Wednesday, according to investigators.

According to police reports, the victim thought he heard squirrels in the attic of his Chicago Street home.

As the sound coming from above grew louder, the homeowner then suspected it was a larger animal.

Police said the homeowner took his rifle to the attic and found suspect Kendal Jones there on a mattress.

“He came into the attic. He camped out overnight. I need somebody here immediately. I have a gun on him right now. I'm holding him and I need an officer here immediately,” the homeowner said on his 911 call.

The suspect allegedly began gathering his belongings when he was found out, including a broken otoscope, which the homeowner initially mistook for a gun.

When officers arrived, the homeowner brought Jones outside.

“We don’t have a lot of calls with people living in somebody's attic. So yeah, I’m sure it shocked the homeowner. However, apparently there's a staircase up the side of the house that leads to an attic access, so that's how the individual got into his attic,” Oklahoma Police Sgt. Brad Gilmore said.

The suspect was arrested without incident.