Lawmakers at the state capitol are pushing a house bill forward that would protect patients from surprise medical bills.

Now that House Bill 3737 passed the House Insurance Committee, the state house will vote on it within the next two weeks.

The bill would protect patients from surprise bills at the pharmacy, which are known as co-pay accumulator adjustments.

The author of the bill, representative T.J. Marti, said those costs usually get buried in the fine print of patient plans and contracts.

Some Oklahomans rely on third party support through co-pay assistance programs.

Supporters of the bill said they've seen an increase of insurance providers refusing to accept the co-pay assistance for a patient's out of pocket maximums. 

Supporters also said those are the surprise, wide-ranging costs that can put patients in a major bind.

"Not a lot of folks, I would say, have thousands of dollars lying around,” bill advocate and National Multiple Sclerosis Society member Andrea Monachella said. “That's talking about a minimum amount that insurance coverage goes. It could be in the tens of thousands of dollars."

The bill passed through the House Insurance Committee by a 6-to-1 vote.